12 Vaccines compulsory for children in Italy


In order to be admitted to government funded schools in Italy, it is now mandatory for children to get 12 types of common diseases vaccines like diarrhea. The new guidelines came into force due to the increase of measles in children in the country.

12 Vaccines compulsory for children in Italy
Image: CNN

The number of Italian children suffered by measles has reported in 2016, within the last five months, the same number of children were reported or affected.
Italian Prime Minister Paolo Zentolini described the ‘unscientific propaganda’ vaccination as one of the reasons for decreasing the rate of vaccination.
The government said, parents will be fined if vaccination is not given to the children under the age of 6. Minimum child age needs to be 6, to enrol government school in Italy.

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Due to the unsatisfactory propaganda of the alleged health risk of some vaccines, miscreants spread vaccination in many places around the world. Originally, a critique has given the idea of making 12 types of vaccines made compulsory. Some parents, of Italy, are afraid to vaccinate.

In Europe, the rate of measles vaccination among the two-year-olds has dropped below 80 percent from 90 percent. It is much less than the recommendations of the World Health Organization WHO (95 percent or more).
Measles can spread by touch. If it is not properly treated, it may cause a child to die.