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3 Benefits of Eating Bananas
Image: A bunch of banana Photography: Daily Royal

Most of us love eating bananas because of this tropical yet south-east Asian fruits are in great taste and give us quick energy. Our parents say bananas are great for health and good for your mood.

So, eat banana regularly.

But do you know what are the main benefits of eating bananas?

Some, however, doesn’t even want to see this delicious fruit, totally hate it. After watching this video, you decide if you want to love or hate it!!

So, let’s begin and keep watching.

Banana Build Muscle
Banana Build Muscle

3. Banana build muscle: Protein build our lean muscle but many of us do not know magnesium plays a big role to build muscle faster. If you are working out but muscles are sore and they are not growing faster as you expected then you are not taking enough magnesium in your diet.

Banana is a great source of magnesium.

To build a great lean muscle you need protein but you cannot do this without magnesium, which helps muscles relaxation and contraction same as protein synthesis which turns into muscle.

Have you ever tried banana tea?

Tips: Try once adding some chopped banana in boil water and stir it for 5-6 minutes. Then drain the water and drink it. It is so refreshing, Isn’t it!

Stay away from stress and anxiety
Stay away from stress and anxiety

2. Stay away from stress and anxiety: Not only bananas have mood relaxing B9 but also tryptophan which is “a precursor to serotonin,”. Serotonin is a chemical that works as natural depression remedy, and this chemical can treat stress and anxiety. Sounds good, right! There is 1 more benefit still to come.

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Have a great night sleep
Have a great night sleep

1. Have a great night sleep: As we know, each banana contains trytptophan which is great for mood. But surprisingly, trytptophan is a precursor for melatonin which makes us relaxed and helps regulating our sleeps. Why wait, get a banana and subscribe to our channel for future good videos