5 Simple ways to secure your home. 5 Mistakes we make when securing our home #CCTV

5 Simple ways to secure your home. 5 Mistakes we make when securing our home.
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Many of us feel guilty of not keeping our stronger home security option at the top of the to-do list. It’s only the time when any incident piques our attention – this could be a burglary in the local area or a local news column, that makes us admired whether there’s more that we need to do to secure our home or we could’ve done.

We have put together the very simple 5 Simple ways to secure your home, a home that will give you security piece of mind satisfaction:

Secure the Door

Most theft or burglaries take place because we tend to leave our door unlocked. Remember, thieves always plan and they are also opportunists, so no thief is going let an unlocked door pass by. That’s why it is very important to check if our door is unlocked or locked before leaving the house even if you are going 50-100m away from your house.

Remember, if a thief wants to break, even if you have locked your door; they have ways. But there few things you can do to secure your front door to prevent forced entry, or at least make it difficult for a burglar to open, which can give you some valuable time. Here are the few simple steps to follow:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to change your door to more secure door which a British Standard kitemarked lock. Most of the UK insurance provider prefer this kind of door, meaning your front door may already a British Standard one.
  2. Mortice lock is not enough, you will also need a night latch. Because a night latch always make sure to keep the door locked whenever we close the door, and by combining the door with mortice lock, it will give you a great standard of door security.
  3. When it comes to choosing your door, try avoiding door with glass in it, as it is quite easy for a burglar to break the glass door. If you already own a glass door then adding lamination will prevent it from break completely.

Keep away valuables from view

Are you seeking some attention? Well, leaving your expensive phone on the window cell or laptop on the sofa all night long or when you are away, it is a pretty much-inviting thief into your home. An experienced burglar will look through your window to see if there’s any valuable are worth stealing before they smash your door. So, make keep your expensive item out of sight.

Another way to keep valuable safer such as Jewellery, watch etc, by installing a safe.By keeping valuable belongings in a safe will give an extra layer of protection even thieves are breaking into your house, it will be quite hard for them to break the safe.

Do not Open your Door to Strangers

Are you letting a burglar in? Some of the thieves are quite smart. The pretend to be someone who they are not or even comes to your door to sell charity donation or even pretending to be a missionary. This way they either gaining access to your house or making a future breaking.

Before opening the door ask their identity if you are not sure. Best thing to do not to open your door to strangers if you are not expecting anyone. If someone pretend to be someone from an organisation then ask their organisation contact details and check the details before opening the door. Any genuine person won’t mind you calling their organisation.

Avoid keeping your house looks empty 

Does your home look neglected? For your comforts, you want your house to look attractive, neat and tidy. That’s fine. But you don’t want your house looks like empty or neglected. A burglar will be looking for homes that aren’t maintained and looks no one lives there because this type of house is very easy to break-in.

If you are going away, the best things to do leaving your room lights on timers which will turn on and off producing an occupancy looks to the people. It is best to inform your trusted family and friends so that they can check in on the house, this check ensures, your posts are not pilled up and plantation are watered – these kind clues burglars look out for.

Install a CCTV camera

Install a CCTV equipment and catch a thief red handed. When comes to keeping your home safe a CCTV camera is a great option for every household. Placing it on a plain sight, a thief will see the camera and they will be very much unlikely to break-in. However, if they break-in despite an installed CCTV system, you can use the footage as an evidence and pass this to the police.