A paedophile man begged hunters to let him free following allegations on meeting a 12-year-old girl News Headlines 16/07/2017

A paedophile man begged hunters to let him free
Praju Prasad is begging for freedom.

A paedophile man begged hunters to let him free following allegations on meeting a 12-year-old girl. Praju Prasad, a 24-year-old male found by paedophile hunters had been talking and meeting an underage girl. – Metro

UK police forces are failing to protect Jews as the suspected hate offences are rising by around 15% in 2016. The figure is the worst level compare to the previous year 2015, a research suggests. – Sky News UK

The family of a ‘popular’ beauty queen has been killed following a road accident in Cumbria on the A595 road along with her friend who was just 18-years-old. – Mirror collected from MSN UK

McCain’s surgery will delay as U.S. Senate votes on Trump’s new health care bill to scrap former President Obama’s affordable care plan. – New York Times

The Chancellor in fresh row following his comment ‘saying public sector employees are overpaid’. In reply to Philip Hammond’s remark the Royal College of Nursing said, this is an insult to public sector worker. – Evening Standard

Roger Federer will face Marin Cilic on Sunday in attempt to become eight times Wimbledon champion. If he wins. He will the first man to win such title in the world. – BBC sports news

Acid attacks sentences could be increased due to the incidents has increased in recent times in England and Wales. – BBC News

U.S. President Donald Trump election campaign paid around $50,000 to the lawyer in June, now representing Trump Jr. – Reuters

The accident in Alfreton road that happened at 3 pm on Saturday has caused an unbearable traffic delay. The police at the scene are currently assisting to free flow traffic. – Nottingham Post

A man wanted in the Bronx for shooting three men in the New York city’s Bronx who casually walked towards them and stood by the victims to be. CCTV video shows the sunning shooting that released on Saturday. – NY Daily News

We all love holidays and beaches with the sun are the perfect combination, but do you know what are the best beaches in the Balearic Islands? – Barcelo

Only 1% of the British households are in good shape from the financial crisis, and rest of the UK population, particularly young people and those are tenants are still at risk of financial crisis. – The Guardian

A student in a privately funded university in Bangladesh remains in a coma following a brick fall on his head from an under-construction in Bangladesh. – Promothom Alo, Bangladesh

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