A pregnant US teenager not welcomed from graduation ceremony

A pregnant US teenager not welcomed from graduation ceremony
Image: Maddi Runkles

Western Maryland-based small Christian school is not backing down at all from its decision, not welcoming a pregnant pupil at the graduation ceremony next week.

Despite the outcry from the general public and huge pressure from the anti-abortion groups to review their decision, Heritage Academy based in Hagerstown said Maddi Runkles broke the school laws and was involved in the intimate sexual activity.

A pregnant US teenager not welcomed from graduation ceremony
Image: Maddi Runkles

A letter from the school head David Hobbs on Tuesday evening said that Maddi is being disciplined and it was not because she is pregnant but she has shown immoral, and the best way to keep hold of her morality by holding her accountable for what she has done that began the state she is in.

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18-Years-old, Maddi Runkles is a 4.0 student and attended the school since the year 2009. But she found out that she was pregnant in January, then she informed the school. Her father was a member of a board member, back in February.

The school informed Maddi, she would be suspended and possible removal as a student council president, plus she would have to complete the rest of her school from home.

However, her parents appealed and the Heritage school was agreed on Maddi to carry on with the study with 14 other students but the school said, she would not walk in her diploma ceremony.

Both Runkles and her parents think this is unfair and they are currently pushing hard Heritage to change their decision.