A simple and easy Macaroni and Cheese cooking recipe


Today, I am going to write a  very simple and easy Macaroni and Cheese cooking, that will give some of you how easy it is to cook this delicious yet healthy food.

A simple and easy Macaroni and Cheese cooking recipe
Image: Macaroni and Cheese pasta

So, today we learn how to make Macaroni and Cheese. Let’s get started:

Ingredients: Milk, pasta, cheese, butter, mustard, pepper, and salt are our ingredients. We are going to salt

We are going to salt a pot of water and bring it to a boil. Now, let us get our pasta into our
boiling water, I m switching it up and using rotini instead of macaroni here. Alright let

Alright let us give it stir, and we are going to cook this according to the package directions.
Now we are going to drain it. Really as easy as this is to make you might stop buying the
box stuff if you are into that.

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Happy cooking!

OK, let’s give this guy a good shake and return to our big pot. We have turned off the heat at this point and now we are going to add some extra sharp cheddar cheese, salt, black pepper, the butter goes in, and now some regular yellow mustard here. You can use Dijon if you prefer. I like this and finally some warm cream and milk that was warmed in the microwave.

You just want to mix this all up really well and the heat from the pasta will melt the butter and the cheese nicely. Now, you can stop right

Now, you can stop right here but I like to add a little cayenne pepper or hot sauce for a little extra burst of flavour.

It’s your Kitchen do what you want.