Al-Qaeda’s Bangladesh chief killed in Afghanistan


On Tuesday, the audio message was published in the Internet-based communication app telegram. Later, its English commentary was also published.

Al-Qaeda’s Bangladesh chief killed in Afghanistan

However, no official of the concerned law enforcing agencies of Bangladesh confirmed this.

Al-Qaeda's Bangladesh chief killed in Afghanistan

AQIS chief Asim Omar said in the 13-page English lecture, Tariq alias Sohel, al-Qaeda chief of Bangladesh, died in the desert of Kandahar in Afghanistan. Who left Dhaka’s gluten in Waziristan, hoping to bring Islamic rule in Bangladesh. His associate Kari Abdul Aziz alias Abdul Halim, Yaqoub alias Saddam Hussein, Asadullah alias Nazimuddin Maaymun, Abu Ibrahim alias Saiful Islam Hasan and Abu Bakr alias Anuj Hasib were killed with Sohel.

Recently, a US-led military alliance in Afghanistan heavily raided. On April 13, 94 people were killed in the incident of 9,800 kg weight of the bomb (Mother of All Bombs) in Achin district of Nangarhar Eastern Province of Afghanistan. However, in the words of Asim Omar, the alleged Bangladeshi Tariq alias Sohel and his five associates were killed on the exact date.

Asked about this, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Counter Terrorism Unit of Dhaka Metropolitan Police Saiful Islam said in the first light that no Bangladeshi was killed recently in Kandahar in Afghanistan, they still do not know such things.