All Flights Cancelled as Monarch Airlines Ceases Trading

Monarch Airlines Flights Cancelled as the Company Ceases Trading
Monarch Flights

Britain’s fifth-largest airliner has ceased trading and all Monarch Airlines flights have been cancelled including its future booking, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has confirmed.

More than 110,000 of Monarchconsumersmer are thought to be in the overseas and the British government has asked CAA to charter around 30 aircraft to bring them home.

Monarch Airlines is the largest company to go bust in the United Kingdom and go into administration.

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CAA asked customers who are due to fly from the UK not to go to the airport.

Monarch had midnight on Sunday to come to a deal and renewing its airline licence for their package holidays but failed.

CAA issued advice for Monarch customers:
1. If you are in the UK and not flown yet, do not go to the airport
2. People who are holiday abroad, do not need to cut short their holidays, they will be brought back to the UK but no cost to them.
3. If you are after further advice and live updates then you are to check at
4. There is a CAA 24-hour helpline: 0300 303 2800 from the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland
5. Helpline number from overseas is: +44 1753 330330