Both Arsenal Manchester City Supporters brawl outside Wembley stadium


Several shocking intense footages have been posted on social media to show, that both Arsenal Manchester City Supporters brawl outside Wembley stadium.

So, what really happened?

The tempers between both team supporters came after Arsenal’s semi-final dramatic win in the extra time in Sunday’s FA Cup match.

The video has been taken around 5:45 pm. It showed a group of angry fighting between both rival’s fans just after the full-time game whistle blew.

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A group of men appeared to be squared up to another, that including another heavy-set man in the red floppy with a white hat.

An elderly fan stepped in, just to defuse the brawl situation. However, his all efforts had no effects to the fan instead of as the punches were thrown as the heavy chaotic fighting scenes broke off out.
Both Arsenal Manchester City Supporters brawl outside Wembley stadiumThe video also shows a younger fan, who doesn’t seem to be involved in the fight received punches five times in his face.

A woman who was watching the brawl from the stadium was shouting: “Oh no, there’s kids down there, there’s kid down there.”

She cries and says, “No, not the little boys, leave it out; he’s just a kid.”

“Why you want to punch a kid like that?” she asked.

The other supporter then stepped in as the shocked families were not remonstrating with the attackers. In few moments, the whole crowd then made their way in normal as nothing happened.

The final FA Cup will be held at Wembley stadium between Arsenal FC and Chelsea FC and timing are not published yet so check back later. If you want to book a hotel for the match feel free to contact us for cheaper pricing deals.