Bayern Munich fifth Bundesliga wins

Bayern Munich fifth Bundesliga wins

Bayern Munich set a record to win the fifth and final Bundesliga title after crashing Wolfsburg 6-0. Polish star Robert Lewandowski scored two goals in Saturday’s Avenue match.

Bayern Munich fifth Bundesliga wins.

Bayern Munich fifth Bundesliga winsBayern took over the 27th league title In the second match of the day, with the absence of absentee draws with Arabic Leipzig Egotists, Bayern, after 10 points ahead of the three-match league title, was confirmed. Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rumenig said, “The five consecutive titles are really incredible. We were the only qualified candidates in this championship.

This is Carlo Unchaletti’s first season as the head coach of Bayern. And I was very happy, it was important to win this Italian, who was delighted to give the league title to the club on the debut. Here are my experiences too.

Unchartti achieved the title of four national league titles. Earlier, Chelsea won the Premier League Premier League, AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain won the league championship. Unchalti said, “I want to thank this wonderful club. We deserve this title. We played good football throughout the season, now time is celebrated. ‘

Livandowski scored 28 goals in the season with two goals. He is now on top of the league’s top scorer. Boisea Dortmund’s Pierre-Emeric Abamayang, in the second spot, slipped to one place. The Bavarians were defeated by 3-2 in the German Cup semifinal on Dortmund on Wednesday. The failure of the league title will overcome the failure of the German giant Unchalti could not touch the credit of winning the Pep Guardiola Double title due to the defeat in the German Cup. In addition to the quarter-finals of the Champions League, Bayern had to leave the frustrating defeat to Real Madrid.

Free radicalization of Thomas Mueller’s Fauldie David Alba gave his trademark free-kick to tourists in 19 minutes. After doubling the gap in the 36th minute, Lyawadoski scored his second goal from the cross of Coman just before the break. Arine Robin scored another goal in the 66th minute. After the second yellow card in the 78th, Bayern’s former midfielder Luis Gustavo left the field and became the team of 10 wolfsberg. In this opportunity, Bayern’s big win was confirmed by the first of 80 minutes in the 80th minute from the Livanovskaci pass and Josua Kimie scored five minutes later.