BBC Stars pay released News Headlines 19/07/2017

BBC Stars pay released
BBC Stars

The third trial has not been granted for killing Cincinnati Driver. – New York Times

Can journalism pay you a handsome salary compare to doctor or engineer pay? Find a job that’s reward you all the way. – Indeed

The great path to gender equality in BBC pay package, which covered with bad intentions. – The Guardian

‘Let Obamacare Fail,’ Donald Trump says as Republican G.O.P health bill failed. The seven-year battle by Republican to scrap Obamacare seems to be reached to the dead end in the Senate. – New York Times

Google is now fully revamped with its smart glasses to the businesses, just over two years after the actual version of the products were cancelled. The company state, the new Enterprise edition will give more battery life and feel quite comfortable for long-term than before. – BBC Technology News

Typical British weather is returning as Met Office warns of lots of rain across the country following overnight thunderstorms and flash flooding. – The Independent