Canadian prime minister met with baby Justin Trudeau News Headlines 17/07/2017

Canadian prime minister met with baby Justin Trudeau
Canadian prime minister met with baby Justin Trudeau

The Canadian prime minister met with baby Justin Trudeau, who named by his refugee parents as thank to the adopted nation. The face to face meeting took place in Cagary on last Saturday, while the two-year-old boy Justin was sleeping happily while prime minister held him tight. – The Guardian

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At least nine people are killed and a 13-year-old teenager remained missing following Sunday evening’s flash flood that came through Arizona swimming hole. Office of Gila County received an emergency call at around 3:20pm on Saturday local Arizona time, for a search and rescue near Payson. – Fox News

UK Transport Secretary said those communities affected by the HS2 railway would definitely receive receive “appropriate support and they will be treated with fairness, respect and compassion.”. – BBC Business News

South Korean new leader has proposed a military talks with its neighbor North Korea
as the new government in Seoul looks to launch a peace process and calm tensions on the peninsula. – Financial Times

An Australian woman have been killed by U.S. police in Minneapolis. Justine Damond, was migrated from Sydney killed by a police shot when she approached the driver side of the police car while they were responding to a 911 call. –

The bike share in Manchester isn’t working as it should as people doesn’t know how to share. – The Guardian Opinion

The director of ‘Night of the Living Dead’, George A Romero died at the age of 77. – The Guardian

At least 26 people injured following two trains crash into each other on a rollercoaster in a Spanish theme park. – Daily Mail

The Chancellor Philip Hammond warns British investment uncertainty following Brexit. – BBC Business News

French President Macron Tells Israeli President Netanyahu, France is now ready to talk about Hezbollah threat to the Israeli nation. – Haaretz

The top brass of Democrat Warner said he doesn’t believe no one told Donald Trump meeting between Russian lawyer and top members of his election campaign. – CNN