Child benefit, claim eligibility and how to claim a child benefit?

How to claim child benefit
How to claim child benefit

Parents or a guardian of a Child get child Benefit if they are the primarily responsible for a under 16-year-old child (or under 20-year-old if the child remain in the approved educational/training organisation.

Key Points:
For one child, only one of the responsible person can get child benefit.
If you are receiving a child benefit, you are to ensure to report any changes to the Child Benefit Office.
If you and your partner’s combined or individual income goes over £50,000, you would have to pay a tax charge.

Child Benefit Rates:
In total there are 2 types of Benefit amount-
1. Only child or the eldest will receive £20.70
2. Any additional child will get £13.70
All payments above are paid weekly basis.

Child Benefit Eligibility:
Here’s a governement guidelines on child benefit claiming criteria.

How to apply for Child Benefit:
Complete the CH2 form and return it to:
Child Benefit Office (GB)
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE88 1ZD