China Xinjiang province bans Muslim baby names


The Chinese government authorities have prohibited Islamic names for babies in the religion’s largest Muslim province, the ban came as part of a crackdown on “Muslim extremism” in the area.

China Xinjiang province bans Muslim baby names in details.

China Xinjiang province bans Muslim baby names
Image: Life Behind The Wall

A recent document called “Naming Rules for Ethnic Minorities” that bans Muslim parents naming their children that are used worldwide Muslim community. The name including Islam, Medina, Hajj, Imam, Saddam are prohibited to be naming as baby names, RFA (Radio Free Asia) reported.

The rules apply to the biggest Muslim-majority Xinjiang province, China, where the Chinese Communist Party has been implementing very tighter rules on religion in what it says the fight against “Islamic Extremism”, in the centre of a divided’ rising by the Uyghur Muslim fighter group.

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The document also says, any babies’ names as such will be barred from Chinese Hukou registration, (Hukou meaning: China, Taiwan A household registration record that identifies a person as a local resident.) meaning unregistered babies will have no access to Chinese education and healthcare.

Local police officials said you are not allowed to name your baby with a religious name that will trigger the extremism such as Jihad or names like this.