The Chinese launches self-built aircraft carrier


The Chinese launches self-built aircraft carrier, first-ever as president Trump sends missile defence system and USS Carl Vinson to the Korean water amid war fear.
The Chinese launches self-built aircraft carrierThe first ever self-built aircraft carrier has launched by China, as the United States’ Vinson continues ahead journey to the Korean region. Just after local time 9 am with a ceremony in the Dalian northern port city, the 50,000-ton weight aircraft was towed from its dockyard. The aircraft was designed and built based on Kuznetsov Soviet class design.

The Chinese launches self-built aircraft carrierUSS Carl Vinson, makes its way to the Korean Peninsula, amid fear of Kim Jong-un is plotting the next nuclear test. Previously, the troubled North Korea carried out five more nuclear test.

Washington DC is asking China to do more to rein Kim Jong-un’s action. China is the largest ally for the United States in the region.Chinese first aircarft carrier

The fear came after the North Korean Liberation Army’s founding anniversary when the heavy artillery live-firing drill was planned.