Collapsed wall killed wedding guest in India

Collapsed wall killed wedding guest in India

At least 23 people have died after a wall collapsed, police said in Thursday. Collapsed wall killed wedding guest in India, when people were celebrating a wedding in northern region of the country.

Collapsed wall killed wedding guest in India

During the wedding ceremony, the guest was taking shelter during a heavy rain in a tin shack, one of the wall then came on to the crowd in the storm.

The reason for collapsed 12-foot high wall was heavy rain that crashed down on the party guest during a dinner at the marriage hall in the state of Rajasthan, Indian police said.

There are five children among the dead, police added.

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Another 30 people were badly injured in the incident in Bharatpur district, at least 15 people are in serious condition.

According to local media, food stall have been installed along wall for the wedding, the injured were taken to the hospital and primary emergency treatment were given as per police officer Anil Tank statement.