Cooking hobs buying guide. Kitchen Appliances Buying Guide. A brief guide of buying cooking appliances.

HG6150SS 580mm Stainless Steel Gas Hob
The HG6150SS is a four burner gas hob in stainless steel. The hob provides functional and efficient cooking for the user with a sleek stainless steel finish, dish washable enamel pan supports, side control for safety and flame failure as standard.

Kitchen appliances – in the shape of conventional yet full size cooking element, which is powered by electrical current, gas (including Liquid Petroleum Gas) or both gas and electricity, which are together with most convenient, microwave that saves spaces – in the modern world offer reliable unprecedented types of control, versatility and speed. For example, the visible control and instant heat of a gas hob can be put together with the best yet convenience way and adding thermostatic approach of a conventional switch. Or with the electric oven that is assisted with a fan for best results, repeatedly.

So What type of cooking hob to go for?

The size and type of the appliance such as cooker you want to buy really depends on your family size; whether you are single, couple or a large family. Despite your family size, when comes to buying a cooker you want a full house, as you want to have all functionality in a cooker. Another option to consider when we are living on a rising utility cost, are gas and electric, meaning which fuel type your cooker has to be! There are three fuel types of cooker available in the market and they are- Gas Cooker, Electric Cooker and Duel Fuel Cooker.

Hint: Duel fuel cooker always requires both gas and electric supply. 

Most of the people love gas as a cooking fuel on a hob and the reason behind is that it is fast and quite easy to control. A gas hob normally comes with four individual burners of different sizes, shapes and power outputs, ranging from large burner could be found up to 3KW (“kilowatts”) and smaller burner at 1KW (“kilowatts”).

Gas Hobs: Big gas hobs and those found in the range cookers, can also include large burners and some of them support burners for fish kettles, woks and much more. The great advantage of having these types hobs- they may come with the automatic ignition system and flame safety catch that prevent flame be cut-off automatically.

Electric Hobs: If you up for an electric hob path; remember, you will have varieties choices such as halogen, ceramic or induction models. Each of this type has their own characteristics that would be useful to your kitchen and cooking. If you take ceramic hobs, as an example, heating content in these type are situated beneath a piece of ceramic glass and it is not so versatile, but quite sound economically and easy to keep it clean. On the other hand, a halogen hob, product instant cooking heat with precise temperature regulator because it has tungsten lamps. If you are a single person then an induction hob is a great option for you. This type of hob creates electromagnetism to generate heat, meaning the cooking pot doesn’t become hot.