Cyber-attack hits hospitals, companies, schools around the world

Ransomware Cyber-attack hits hospitals, companies, schools around the world

A major Cyber-attack hits hospitals, companies, schools around the world that used exploited tools that may have been developed by the United Sates NSA (National Security Agency) has affected around tens of thousands IT equipment in 100 countries, that weakened the British National Health Service (NHS) and world largest courier FedEx.

Ransomware Cyber-attack hits hospitals, companies, schools around the world

The Cyber extortioner used the various method of tricks on victims for opening their malware programme that they sent as an attachment to spam emails which contained job offers, security warnings and invoices.

The ransomware has been used to encrypt the data on the IT system, then demanding payments between $300-$600 (£232-£464) to restore the files and access. Some security personal has said, the they observed that some of the victims have already made payment using the virtual currency, BitCoin, but they do not know how many people have given money away.

Anti-virus software company Avast said, they have seen around 57,000 IT systems hacking in 99 countries around the world, that includes Ukraine, Russia and Taiwan are among top targets.

Countries from Asian continent haven’t reported any major attacks yet on Saturday but the security officials in the area are monitoring the situation, however, the damage won’t be known for some time.

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The official news agency of China, Xinhua reported, some secondary schools and several universities had been hit by the attack, but they haven’t specified how many.

The major disruptive attack was on the United Kingdom, where NHS England has been hit, in which clinics, hospitals and GP surgeries have been forced to use paper for work rather than computer and turning patient away due to the computer down.

As per anti-virus software maker Symantec, a very small number of US organisations were hit by this malicious attack, but hacker’s main motive were to attack European organisation.