David Cameron with three challenges ahead of the world

David Cameron with three challenges ahead of the world

Not only development, advanced democracy is also essential is one of the challenge from David Cameron with three challenges ahead of the world.

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron said that the challenges facing the world in the future are a fair and effective democracy. This democracy means that there is not just an expiry of an election, but all rights reserved. He said, not just development, advanced democracy is also essential. Along with establishing better democracy, he also stressed on removing corruption and preventing violent militancy challenges.

David Cameron with three challenges ahead of the worldDavid Cameron expresses his sorrow at not being able to come to Bangladesh during his six-year term as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. When he came to Dhaka for the first time, he mentioned Bangladesh as a ‘bright example’ of prosperity for continuous improvement in socio-economic areas.

During a brief visit to Dhaka on Thursday, he brought these three issues in front of the global challenge at a hotel in the capital. After the speech, he gave some answers to the present situation of the world about the situation.

In the morning of the second day of the two-day visit to Dhaka, he paid a courtesy call on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Then go to see a ready-made garment factory in Tejgaon. In the afternoon, at a roundtable meeting organised by the International Growth Center (IGC). In the afternoon, he joined the meeting organised by the British Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce. David Cameron left Dhaka last night after a brief tour.

President of the organisation Enam Ali delivered the welcome address at the ceremony of British Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce. The show was hosted by television presenter Zillur Rahman.

David Cameron stepped down from the post of Prime Minister in June last year after losing the referendum on the non-United Kingdom in the European Union. Yesterday afternoon at the exchange meeting he praised the excellent success in the effective application of foreign aid in Bangladesh. The people who questioned the effectiveness of foreign aid, he suggested visiting Bangladesh. According to him, there is such a possibility in front of Bangladesh, so the challenge is not less. To achieve the goal of promoting middle-income countries by 2021, Bangladesh will have to invest the huge amount in order to achieve energy, infrastructure, education and skill.

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The leader of the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom, then in the context of democracy, corruption and violent militancy, in the context of the next day in the context of the world, Not just development for the country, advanced democracy is also essential. In a democracy, there is a logic of advancing on the shortcut path. The reason for this opinion is that you will get all the benefits of democracy, elections will be held after a certain time, but complex issues are avoided. There is no need to worry about accountability, there is no reason to think about the rule of law. But these are the foundation of democracy. According to some people, it is possible to work in a democratic process rather than work in an autocratic way.

David Cameron said, “Some people think that this will work. I think it’s totally wrong. Improved democracy means not an only election. Democracy means to ensure the rule of law, human rights, fundamental rights and justice. These elements strengthen a country. There is a lack of good governance when there is a shortage of these components, which are not helpful for business. There is a debate on this around the world. We are facing this challenge all over the world. These issues should be publicly debated in Bangladesh. ‘

He called corruption as the second challenge for the development of the day. According to him, those who argue that there is no harm in corruption, they make mistakes. Corruption is like cancer, which can disturb people from politics.

The UK’s former Prime Minister said that everyone should work together to face the biggest challenge of present day militancy. According to him, militancy must be stopped. For this reason, sometimes military forces have to be applied. But the fight does not always go armed. Because there is a fight against those who are spreading terrorism along the path of IS ideology here. Need security, intelligence is needed. But the biggest struggle is to win the heart of the people. Where people will have to dream of such a free, free, tolerant and democratic environment.

David Cameron said that people of the world, especially young people, want to see an environment where they can talk about their own mind, see their own advanced future.

In the question-answer session, the UK’s former prime minister is questioned whether sometimes democracy, rule of law and human rights are seen in the fight against suppression of terrorism and militancy. It is clear that the law can be changed if necessary to suppress militancy. However, it is also considered that people are deprived of justice due to this change. Since the struggle is ideological, the rights of the people’s rights are very important.

Responding to a question that changing global conditions are now tending towards protectionism and losing the usefulness of multilateral mechanisms like the United Nations, David Cameron said, “I am always against the conservatism and free trade system. The usefulness of multiculturalism is not lost. ‘

David Cameron said, “What will Donald Trump take, and where will he go, we really do not know.”

Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed, who was present at the meeting, thanked the former British Prime Minister for his visit to Bangladesh.