Egyptian made the wold’s largest Noble Quran

Egyptian made the wold’s largest Noble Quran

An Egyptian made the wold’s largest Noble Quran for a record that around 700 meters in length. Saad Mohammed, who is an Egymeters artist was previously dropped out from his school has spent around three years to design and create what he hopes to make the world’s biggest Quran.

Egyptian made the wold’s largest Noble QuranSaad painted his walls and the ceilings of his own house in the north Cairo has reproduced the Islamic holy book on a paper scroll that spread up to 700 meters.

The Qur'an (Paperback)
The Qur’an
M. A. S. Abdel Haleem
“First published 2004. First published, with corrections, as an Oxford World’s Classics paperback 2005. Reissued 2008. Reprinted with corrections 2010”–T.p. verso.

Mohammed displays the perplexity decorated hand written in a big wooden box which has the roller on both sides.

On a statement with Reuters Television, he said, “I do not have any wealth or assets, the 700-meter-long paper is a big amount of paper, but all money is self-funded.”

Mr Mohammed wants to submit his work to the Guinness Worlds Records and the Guinness authority said, while there is a largest Quran in a record but they do not hold any world record for largest hand-written version Quran.

Saad Mohammed is now seeking grants either from the government or any interested body who can help applying to the Guinness world records by providing the cost of applying.