English GP misses early cancer indication, a recent study suggests

English GP misses early cancer indication, a recent study suggests
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The study suggests, around 4,637 people who have diagnosed cancer in Accident and Emergency in the year of 2010, finds around 41% of them had already visited their GP 3 or more times with symptoms and signs of cancer. English GP misses early cancer indication, a recent study suggests.

A detailed information about the study.

Around 71% of cancer diagnosed patients have visited their GP at least once with cancer symptoms, study shown. The rest of 29% never saw their GP. The study carried out in England patients.

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People with cancer that difficult to recognise, such as multiple myeloma, lung cancer, tended to be within female or younger age group.

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But the diagnosed group also included common cancer, such as female breast cancer. In the research, around 31% of the breast cancer patients had visited their GP in England at least three times or more, 41% of the bowel cancer also had seen their GP in the same number, with 37% prostate cancer people visited their doctor at least three or more times.

Those diagnosed in the hospital emergency unit had difficult prognosis than those who were a diagnosis in the early stage. The quicker doctor can diagnose a patient for cancer, the better the chance of having early and effective treatment options.

The cancer study, which said to be most accurate and comprehensive to the present date, which was published in the latest British Journal of GP. The authors were including from Cambridge University, University College London and the PHE (Public Health England), they analysed the data from 2010, from 4,637 diagnosed people in A&E.

The study also finds people who never been to see their GP are within the older group, male and they are mostly living in the England’s deprived area.

The study authors said people were diagnosed in A&E with very common cancers who saw their GP three or more times may be had their irregular symptoms.