EU leaders’ Brexit agreement


Keeping Brexit in mind, the European Union (EU) and other 27 countries leaders joined the first summit in Brussels on Saturday to talk about Brexit but without Britain. They have unanimously reached agreement on their united position in discussions with the UK on this issue.

EU leaders’ Brexit agreement


EU leaders' Brexit agreement
Image by: Pixabay

The EU leaders sat in the conference in preparation for determining a strategic strategy for negotiating the negotiation of the alliance with the EU on the process of exiting the UK from the EU.
In the chairmanship of President of the European Council (EC) Donald Task, the leaders sit in the summit in Brussels. The BBC’s news report said 27 leaders of the 27 countries took less than 15 minutes to approve the draft framework for reconciliation with the UK. Task released the draft on March 31.


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Before the conference began, the EU leaders said that only trade negotiations with the country could begin if London agreed on the terms of the United Kingdom’s share of the citizens’ rights, financial transactions with the UK and the terms of the Northern Ireland. Donald Task arrived at the conference hall yesterday, “We need to be united to hold the EU in 27 countries.”
It will be the first formal conference of 27 countries after a month of handing over the formal letter to the EU Prime Minister to enable the Article Fifty to begin the process of the process.