Explosive blast outside Rome post office, no reported injuries but car damaged


A small explosive blast outside Rome post office on Friday, no reported injuries, damages to parked vehicles, Rome police said.

Explosive blast outside Rome post office, no reported injuries
Image: Rome police

In a primary investigation concluded the explosion as a demonstrative act that designed not to cause major damage, a Rome police official told reporters.

Quite like this type of blasts in Italian other cities and Rome have been regularly claimed or blamed on Anarchists. However, no immediate responsibility was claimed.

Near the explosions, the post office which always imposes a 1930’s fascist-era architect, that often are studied by architecture students in the country and remained open during the incident.

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The explosions took place just outside entrance where people mainly go to collect their packages that post office couldn’t deliver when people aren’t in their home.

Rome’s Improta said, the explosion was initiated by a timer, which has ignited the gas component in the plastic container that was created part of the explosive device.

Rome police investigation continues.