Facebook odds toxic content policy

Facebook odds toxic content policy

An internal document revealed by British Guardian newspaper, how Facebook odds toxic content policy works.

Facebook odds toxic content policy
Image: Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

The newspaper said the document is a guideline of how Facebook censors violent, racist, sexual, hateful and terrorism-related content or posts.

It said, moderator of Facebook had only seconds to decide if the posts stay or go, as they were overwhelmed by it.

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The internal leaked documents came after UK parliament and MP’s criticised that the social media giant is failing to remove the illegal content.

The Guardian confirmed, it has managed to gather more hundreds of Facebook moderation manuals that used internally to teach moderators about what action they could or couldn’t take, on the post that has posted on the site.

The social giant acknowledged the documents that published by the newspaper and said they use similar guidelines internally to verify posts.

The moderation rules, covers various aspects, including suicide, self-harm, revenge porn, hate speech, threats of violence and supporter of terrorism.