Fight between seagull and UK seaside town

Fight between seagull and UK seaside town

Exhausted holidaymakers in the UK are being bombarded with seagulls, quite like honoured cinema sense, but the fight between seagull and UK seaside town is now taking place as coastal town of British Isles are fighting back by making this an offence to provide food with the seagulls.

Fight between seagull and UK seaside townEast Devon, the Sound English council which has popular resorts such as Sidmouth and Exmouth is now going to introduce around £80 fine if someone caught feeding the birds.

The local councillor Mr Chubb said, seagulls are now popular being fed by the holiday maker and they attack them if not given anything.

Mr Chubb also said, when they come here it feels like a horror movie scene, it’s not nice at all.

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As per Reuters reports, Mr Chubb also insisted local business owners and the tourist have been pressing quite hard for not being hush on the birds fed.

But, the current sanctioned were for that regular feeder and restaurants who leaves foods in the in the bin and leave them open.

He added, Seagulls often come sort of swoop over anyone and if you are a little one and large three-foot bird wind-span over you, then you just want to throw your food in the air.

But if you feed a seagull couple of chips, no one is going to fine you.