Five middle eastern countries cut diplomatic links with Qatar

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates have cut their diplomatic links with Doha, accusing it of upsetting the stability of the region.


The giant of oil-rich peninsula Saudi Arabia’s State-owned news agency SPA said on Monday, it has blocked all borders with the tiny middle-eastern country.

Breaking News Gulf countries cut ties with Qatar
Map: Gulf Countries
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Qatar replied saying, the ban is “unjustified” that has no basis in “fact”.

The sudden decision has refilled diplomatic tension within the countries and split the Gulf region who are also good allies of United States.

Five middle eastern countries cut diplomatic links with Qatar
Image: US President Donald Trump during Saudi Visit

It also came in the news part of the context fueling middle east tension between Gulf countries and their neighbour country Iran, who Saudi accuses of collaborating with Doha by backing Iranian-supported militias.

So, what was the deal?

Etihad Airways UKThe withdrawal of diplomatic links with Qatar was first withdrawn by Bahrain, then the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia followed on Monday. Swiftly then other allies followed.

Saudi SPA spokesperson, quoted, the process was taken as to “protect Saudi’s state security from the Islamic extremism and terrorism.”

As part of the ban, three Gulf-Countries have given two weeks to Qatari citizen to leave the country.

The UAE United Arab Emirates have given Doha diplomats only 48 hours to head home, as Abu Dhabi thinks Qatar involves with supporting and funding terrorism.