Former Plymouth submariner murder update

Former Plymouth submariner murder update

A man is remaining in custody over the killing of the Former Plymouth submariner murder. On Sunday morning, the submariner was trying to tackle thieves taking his car outside of his home.

What happened?

Michael Samwell had been killed in Chorlton, Greater Manchester when thieves ran over him by mariner’s own car, which later found nearby. It was very badly damaged when discovered by the police.
This morning police said, an arrest has been made over this murder case and further details will be released later.

Former Plymouth submariner murder updateA man in his early 20s has been arrested on a possible link to the murder. He is now in police custody for questioning.

According to The Guardian newspaper, Michael was at this home with wife Jess when the incident took place.

Uncle Mr Blake said, they heard breaking sounds and Mike then went downstairs to see what is happening. Then Jess followed him, she witnessed the whole scene helplessly. It was horrified that she would have to bear for the rest of her life.

Michael was a trained naval officer in the Royal Navy at Britannia RN College in Devon, South England. And he spent more than a decade in the service before leaving in the year of 2014. Since leaving from the Forces, he has been working for an engineering company in Warrington, Cheshire.

By this incident, his family and friends are devasted. His wife Jessica is an accountant by profession who witnessed the whole situation; her beloved husband was killed.

Michael neighbour who lives opposite of his home said it was the second Audi car stolen story in a month now. It is very quiet residential area but this sort of incident you do not expect to happen.

Engineer Samwell, Audi A3 in black colour was later found abandoned a while after the incident with catastrophe damaged. Detectives are now appealing for evidence from witnesses.