Hilary steps collapsed at Mount everest


The highest mountain in the world Mount Everest’s most famously named Hilary step has collapsed. As a result, the place has become more dangerous to climbers.

Hilary steps collapsed at Mount everest
Image: Tim Mosedale

As per Climbers believe that the Hillary Steps collapsed during a devastating earthquake in Nepal back in 2015. In the south-eastern part of the Everest, near the Ale mountain, the area of 12 meters was visible, which was the biggest challenge climbing to the highest peak of the Everest.

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British climber, Sir Edmund Hilary stepped on there first, hence this place named after him.
British climber Tim Mosedale Hillary confirmed the collapse of the step, after reaching to the step on the 16 May, he confirmed on his Facebook page. He also said to the BBC, “after the collapse of Edmund Hilary Steps, a century has gone and a new chapter has begun. It was attached to the climbing history.”