How to view driving licence details online using website?

How to view driving licence details online using website
New driving licence Image: DVLA

To view or share your licence online is very easy and takes just a minute only.
So, what you can check or view about your driving licence?

You can see your driving record, such as the type of vehicle you are allowed to drive
Easily check your disqualifications or penalty points you may have
A quick way to generate a ‘check code’ that consists of your driving record and you can share the code with other people, especially, car hire company

How long a ‘check code’ is valid for?
The generated ‘check code’ is valid for 21 days from the day you generate a code.

To view your driving licence and driving record online, what sort of information you require?

To see your driving licence details, you will need the following information:
Licence number from your photocard driving licence.
Your 9-digits National Insurance number
Post code where your licence is registered (check your licence card)

What other languages this information is available?
Welsh (Cymraeg).

For more information, visit website.