Islamic State kills two people

Islamic State kills two people

Security sources say, Islamic State kills two people at an Iraqi base where United States advisors stationed.

In addition, a couple of member of the terrorist group have died when they released the suicide bomb which was detonated from their vests just outside of the entrance K1 advisors based, reports also says, there are three more people killed by the Kurdish forces who is currently controlling the Kirkuk region.

Islamic State kills two people

An officer from the base said, they shaved their beards and wore uniforms like Kurdish peshmerga to look like one of us.

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Islamic State in the area claimed the responsibility for this suicide attack by stating, they have wounded and killed many apostates and crusaders, referring US military advisers and peshmerga.

A US-led coalition is backing Iraqi forces are now, working towards Islamic State from the city of Mosul which is around 140 km from Kirkuk, but reports suggest the large part of the area are still under terrorist control that includes Hawija which not far off from the targeted base in the area.