Ivanka Trump defended father Donald Trump

Ivanka Trump defended father Donald Trump

The daughter of US president Trump was met with disapproval frustration as Ivanka Trump defended father Donald Trump’s disposition, the state of mind towards the feminine gender the at the G20 Women summit in German capital, Berlin.

How Ivanka Trump defended father Donald Trump?

Ivanka Trump defended father Donald TrumpIn the female entrepreneurs, the so called First Daughter did take part, in a discussion panel about the women entrepreneurs where German chancellor Angela Merkel and International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde were present.

But the women summit audience were like bristled because her praise for the United States president.

This Women event was part of G20 women’s summit which started in 1878 as International Congress of Women.

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During her praise for her father and the support Mr Trump provided towards the family the audible groans went high up.

Recently Donald Trump, the current US president has been critically criticised over his comment and attitude towards women. The most notable comment came out during his presidency campaign of a tape of him where he made obscene remarks about women.

But Mrs Trump insisted, that she hasn’t recognised her in the tape or from recent media criticism nor thousands of women from, who are / were employed by her father.

She also added, her father encouraged her to thrive.

She blame the news media for her father image portrayals being presented negatively.