Jeremy Corbyn Needs Doing More, Says Carwyn Jones Welsh First Minister


Jeremy Corbyn needs doing more says Labour leader from Welsh.

Jeremy Corbyn needs doing more
British PM Theresa May announcing election 2017

Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones shows his concern over leadership of Corbyn, he said; Jeremy Corbyn needs doing more to show the Labour voter that he can be the next Prime Minister and British people are looking to bring political austerity to end.

Otherwise, Labour may lose their century-long position in Wales.

The Welsh First Minister calls Mr Corbyn to do more work than what he is currently doing. He also warned that Jeremy needs to show the voter, what he can do if he is to win the century-long Wales dominance of Labour.Carwyn Jones Welsh First Minister

Mr Jones also added the party has the mountain to climb when Conservative are at the top in a poll position; which suggests they can hold at least 10 seats.