Latest car buying advice 2017-18. Points to consider when buying your car.

Latest car buying advice 2017-18. Points to consider when buying your car
Latest car buying advice 2017-18. Points to consider when buying your car

Buying a used car can be safe and secure if you follow few simple rules. The rules are as follows:

Rule 1. Pay for the car
The golden rule when paying for your car, never ever sends money to outside of the United Kingdom. If you are being asked to do so, meaning there’s may be some sort of scam involved here. It is very obvious to think that a fake seller is trying to get your money and illegally. So, pay for your car when you are actually collecting it from a person or physical selling location.

Rule 2. Get the current market value of the car you are looking to buy
Market value is the second important rule you need to carry out when buying a car. Why? Well, knowing the correct value of a used car can make you relax because, when you know what’s the cost is going to be then this will help you to grab a bargain when you and seller talk about pricing. You can check a car’s market value by simply comparing it to a similar car on the website. Also, knowing the price you expect the seller asking price to be roughly correct but if the price looks too good to be true, then you know who you are dealing with. So, do your homework.

Rule 3. Viewing, MOST IMPORTANT!
Looking a car on pictures doesn’t really give a true sense of that car, the most important and essential rule would be to see the car physically. Viewing car physically can also give you a chance to see the relevant documentation. Would you buy a house without seeing it? So, why buy a car without seeing? If your car seller asks you to visit in the evening in the dark then be suspicious, as there may be a possibility that seller is hiding something and doesn’t want you to see during the day. This could be dents, scratches or any other issues. What to look for when checking documentation? Make sure check the address of the V5C docs matches the address where the car is located. Vehicle registration number (VRN) should also match with the car and V5C document. VRN can be found on the chassis of the car or check your windscreen if not found.

Paying for the car
Paying for the car

Rule 4. Vehicle history check
If we recommend you to do a thing after rule 4, do a vehicle history check of the car you are interested buying. By doing a history check of a car, you will find many important aspects, such as, if the car recorded as stolen, whether the car has been written off or it still has outstanding finance. Vehicle check is not free sometimes, but it is worth doing as it could save you a lot of money and hassle. You can carry out a vehicle history check via today.

Rule 5. Checking the car documents
A V5C document always class as the paper version of a car’s identity card. When comes to checking the documents; you are to check V5C, MOT certificates and Service history. Ready to hand over the money? Hold on, check all three documents first and always check original copies and not photocopies. If you find any amendments that you find it strange then be suspicious. An original V5C document will show DVLA watermark when looking against the light. If the seller name is not on the paper, then ask as they may not be authorised to sell the car.

Rule 6. What is the running cost?
The money advice service has a great information regarding this. It is free and useful.