Latest update on London Tower Block fire where Twelve dead and many inured.

Latest update on London Tower Block fire where Twelve dead and many inured.
Image: London tower block on fire

A huge fire has involved a tower block in London. At least 12 people have been killed. 600 people lived there. The fire broke out just before 01:00 am on Wednesday. Fire crews were on the scene within six minutes.

Eyewitnesses say the flames engulfed the 24 story building within 30 minutes, with people desperately trying to escape. The fire was still raging as dawn broke. The London Fire Brigade desperately struggled to reach after flaws, but were repelled by the heat and falling day brief.

A London fire fighter said, “This is a completely unprecedented fire. In my 29 years in the London Fire Brigade, I have never seen a fire of this nature, and I have seen many high-rise fires. Around 30 people are being treated in six London hospitals.”

Latest update on London Tower Block fire where Twelve dead and many inured.
Image: London tower block on fire

A huge fire is still burning in West London after it engulfed a 24 storey residential tower block just before one o’clock 12 people are known to have died, but that figure is expected to rise.

Firefighters managed to get a lot of people out – and almost all the building has now been searched.

More than seventy people are being treated in six different hospitals; twenty are critically ill.

According BBC reporter Richard Lister, A terrifying inferno. Residents waking up to flames and panic. I could smell panic. It’s getting bigger and bigger. There was smoke literally everywhere. There was cladding falling off the block.


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People were screaming. Seeing people at their windows waving, just desperate for someone to come and rescue them out of their flats. Just awful. Neighbours came, desperate to help, but with flaming debris falling from the tower block, their lives were at risk too.

We need to ring 999. On the ground, police cleared a wide chord in and close the nearby a 40. 200 firefighters were brought in and led many residents to safety. More than 60 were taken to hospital, and as dawn broke, it was clear that there was still people trapped in the

A resident from the Tower Block who lives at seventh floor said, “As the tower block burnt, residents told of the decisions that saved their lives. There was thick smoke along the whole landing, so I shut the door, and thought maybe it might be safer to stay inside. And then I phoned my neighbour, and she said to get out. He made a rope out of his blankets”.

Others recalled the horror of what they had seen overnight. People screaming, people jumping out on fire, chucking ropes down that they had made out of bed sheets to try and climb out.

An absolute and complete nightmare. There were people throwing their kids out. Save my children, save my children. The fire brigade and ambulance and police couldn’t do
anything. They couldn’t get in. They said, stay where you are, we will come and get you. But things escalated. People are just in shock.

Apparently there’s a lot of kids from the school in the building that are missing. A lot of young kids and old people lived in the block. It went right up. He is shooting the spot. It was a dangerous night for firefighters as they battled to get the blaze under control and avoid falling debris.

Crews with building apparatus have been searching the gutted building, but it took hours for them to get to the upper floors, and the grim work will take some time yet.

The incident that occurred overnight is truly shocking. It will take a period of time before we truly understand what has occurred and the investigation will be complex.

As you would expect, very, very thorough. The tower block is now a smoking ruin. It should have been one of the safest in the borough, with a multi-million refurbishment completed last year.

125 families are now homeless and are the priority for the local authority to deal with. We need to ensure we can provide shelter for those who have had to flee their homes. There are genuine and reasonable questions that residents across the country have who live in tower blocks, and we need to make sure they are answered. This is a community in shock.

The immediate aftermath is horrific but there will be a long-term impact as well. This nurse helped survivors overnight.