Model death after 100 plastic surgery


The controversial ‘Instagram Model’ Kristyna Martlli died. She had hundreds of plastic surgery in her body. All of them were meant to increase physical beauty and attractiveness. She was controversial to show herself indecently on various posts.

Model death after 100 plastic surgery.

Model death after 100 plastic surgery
Image: Kristyna Martelli
Collected: Pinterest

According to the Times of India, this model has died of heart disease following a plastic surgery last Tuesday. Kristina’s death was reported in another “Instagram Model” post by Amy Anderson.

This model of attractive Cubes grew in Canada. Since 17 years, Kristyna Martlli performed surgery on her body one after the other.

On one of the posts given on the website, Kristyna said that her hobbies make attractive parts of the body through plastic surgery. Once she said, ‘I want to take the beauty of my body to another level so much of the surgery.’

Kristyna was an attractive model star. She enjoyed plastic surgery. That is why she used to say that everyone should have plastic surgery. She has 639k followers in Instagram.