New British banknotes to present animal fat despite complaints from religious and vegetarians group

Bank of England new Ten pound note back
New £10 Notes Copyright:

The new British 10-pound bank notes which made from plastic will contain animal fat despite many complaints from the religious and vegetarians group.

Bank of England new Ten pound notes
The New £10 Note

The Bank of England is responsible issuing British currency says, there will be an environmental risk if we are to find an alternative form of fat. Another option was palm oil, but this will become expensive in cost, hence the British government has ruled it out.

The bank had launched its first ever £5 polymer banknotes last year which is harder to fake and last long.

On an online petition around 1,30,000 people have signed for the Bank of England calling to stop adding animal fat in banknotes, the petition came out when a small traces of tallow (comes from sheep and cows).

At the same time, some of UK’s Hindu temples and cafes are not accepting the new five pound notes which featuring Former Prime Minister and leader of World War two Winston Churchill.