News Headlines 26 May 2017

News Headlines 26 May 2017

UK Headlines:

Jeremy Corbyn is to blame for this meltdownThe Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is to resume his party’s election campaign today with a speech linking British military actions abroad with terrorist attacks in the UK. He will say a government has a responsibility to minimise the chance of attacks and ensure that police have resources they need.


International Headlines:

UK Conservatives party leads 18 point ahead of Labour
Theresa May in House of Parliament

Theresa May tells leaders of the G7 countries that the fight against so-called Islamic State is moving, from the battlefield to the internet, and urges them to work more closely together.


Economy Headlines:

British economyThe British economy is not growing as fast as has been thought previously it was at the start of the year.




Sports Headlines:

Marco Silva resigns as Hull City Manager
Marco Silva resigns as Hull City Manager

No Silva lining for Hull, relegated from the Premier League. And leading Britain to glory in the America’s cup. It has been described as Formula One on water.





Bank Holiday Weather:

And what is the weather going to be like this bank holiday weekend?

Time for sunscreen and sunglasses, you will need them today, hot and sunny, almost nationwide. There are some thunderstorms in the forecast.