If all the pictures of what I did during high school, I probably would not have been president

Barack Obama’s first comment after leaving office

Former President Barack Obama was laughing at the students of the United States Chicago University. Obama returned to the memories of the old days. At one time it was said, ‘If all the pictures of what I did during high school, I probably would not have been president.’

Barack Obama’s first comment after leaving officeObama started politics from the city of Chicago. At one time he was a law teacher at the University of Chicago. He said at the university on Monday that returning to his house is always a wonderful feeling.

In the inaugural meeting, Obama told the light comics at the outset, “How is it going after my departure?” Then he talks about various problems and possibilities of society. Obama did not once mention the name of President Donald Trump or did not directly criticise him. He insisted on youth participation in politics. He said that he will work to prepare the next generation to change the world and to give leadership to them.

Obama told hope about young people So said, ‘I did not feel disappointed with what I was looking for. One reason is that. I see the possibility of youth. ‘

The words of politics come in the words Obama said the US media was extremely divided. TV channels are also conducting programs aiming at a participating audience. He said the US conservatives saw Fox News. And the eyes of the liberals are on MS-NBC screen.

Obama thinks the people are now more backwards than politics.

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Obama said that the new generation will be involved in further engagement with civil dialogue. He said that he will dedicate the new generation and the new generation of citizen debates to increase their involvement.

Obama spoke with young people and young people about income discrimination, the lack of disability, reform of the judiciary, violence. He said, “These problems are not being solved due to our own politics and social obstacles.” He said that the interests of the interests of the interests of the interests of the self-interest are in the politics.

Obama said most Americans think that the United States is the country of immigration. People want to be governed in the immigration process.