President Trump to tour UK in 2018

President Trump to tour UK in 2018
President Donald John Trump and Melania Trump, First Lady of the United States

US President Trump is very much likely to visit the UK in the next year, as per the BBC news reports.

The White House and the No 10, Downing Street is currently looking into options for the UK tour.

Mr President has accepted the Queen Elizabeth II’s  invitation to visit the United Kingdom on an official state visit when British Prime Minister Theresa May visited the USA in January this year.

But the plan of a state visit created much controversy that triggered US President to change his mind.

Question: What is a state visit/tour?

Answer: A state visit/tour would be a formal visit to the UK by a head of state of another country and this is usually invited by the Queen.

It was said he wasn’t favour of coming to the UK since there is a potential protest against him.

In May 2017, around 2m people signed petitions for Mr Trump should not be welcomed to the Britain on a state visit.

Because of this row, senior politicians, such as Jeremy Corbyn and ex-Lib Dem leader Farron called this visit to be cancelled.


There was a question raised, why invitation for Mr Trump on a state visit was sent so soon after taking the office.

Last month, Queen’s Speech, confirmed that Mr US President visit had been expected when Queen published her plans for the year.

Visit to new york

No confirmation of the visit has published yet, but October could be a possible month.

On the other hand, the White House said, we are working on a “mutual acceptable date”.

The Queen of Great Britania normally receives at one or two state visit a year and she already hosted 109 state visit since her coronation in 1952.