Public inquiry declared burned down Grenfell Tower

Image: Dozens of people are still listed as missing

There’s to be a full public inquiry into the fire that destroyed Grenfell Tower. So far the number of dead stands at 17, but many people are still missing and the number could rise significantly.


London Fire Brigade
Image: London Fire Brigade Spoke person

As per London Fire Brigade LFB spoke person said, “It’s the upper floors that will be more challenging and will need some additional shoring for us to be able to get in there. The size of this building, it could take weeks. I want to be realistic – this is a very long process.”

The prime minister came earlier on Thursday to see the devastation caused by the fire at Grenfell Tower – and then promised a full public inquiry into what happened.

The fire which destroyed this residential housing block in the early hours of Wednesday morning spread very quickly, and the number of dead confirmed so far is 17 – though that figure is expected to rise.

The emergency services say it will take weeks to complete a full weeks or may be months. And there’s a sense of growing anger in the local community.

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Slowly, inch by painstaking inch, fire officers continue their grim. Amid the soot-blackened shell of what was once home to hundreds. Exactly how many, we do not know, but police today said they hoped the final death toll would not be in three figures.

London police said, “The scale of this tragedy is yet to become clear. Sadly I can confirm the number of people who have died is now 17. We do believe that that number will sadly increase.”

Mohammad Alhajali
Image: London Tower block fire first victim Mohammad Alhajali

The first victim has been named as Mohammad Alhajali, a Syrian refugee studying engineering whose brother was rescued from the same flat by the fire brigade.

Mohammad Alhajali brother
Image: Mohammad Alhajali brother who is also a survivor.

Alhajali’s brother said, “They brought us outside – I thought you were with us.”

He said, “No one brought me outside.”

Dozens of people are still listed as missing
Image: Dozens of people are still listed as missing

Dozens of people are still listed as missing, as appeals are made by families and friends for information.

Jessica is a 12-year-old vibrant young girl also missing
Image: Jessica is a 12-year-old vibrant young girl also missing

Jessica is a 12-year-old vibrant young girl who will be 13 next week. Her relatives said, “She’s a lovely little girl with a bubbly personality. We are just worried and concerned about her and we just want her home.”

Local community
Image: London Local community are showing their solidarity

In the local community the profound shock and grief are still evident, but there’s growing anger – and a demand for answers.

Local resident
Image: Local resident demand for answer

At the moment, we’re grieving but there’s a bubbling anger underneath and we do want to see someone held accountable for this.

Local resident
Image: British Prime Minister visited tragic London Tower block

The Prime Minister made a private visit to the scene and later announced the public inquiry into the disaster.

PM said, “We need to have an explanation of this. We owe that to the families, to the people who have lost loved ones, friends, and the homes in which they lived. And we’ll be reporting on the work of the fire fighters – and what they’ve had to face in the past 48 hours.”