Robot sex partners are ready to come to the market


Nottori’s Doll Maker Matt McMullen has been working for the creation of his dream robotics sex dell for the last 5 years. He reached near to fulfil that dream. Robot sex partners are ready to come to the market.

Robot sex partners are ready to come to the marketHarmony is seen in San Marcos’s Abbey Creation factory in California. Wearing white bad suits, improved breasts, handsome French manicure hands are hinted on the sundial cord. Silicon Sex Toy Robotics.
Harmony may laugh, twinkle in the eye, frown too. Can speak, jokes, and even Shakespeare’s words. Your birthday, love to eat, and your brother and sister’s name can be easily remembered Harmony He can chat with songs, movies and books. More? When you want you to agree to sexual intercourse only when Harmony

Halocline Esther Swimsuit - Black and Blue
Halocline Esther Swimsuit – Black and Blue
Exclusive to Simply Swim
Chlorine resistant
Light control fabric
Bust lining for support
Thick adjustable straps
V-neck and scoopback
Medium leg
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UV protection

20 years of effort to create sex dolphins and the result of Robotics research for 5 years Harmony Robotics Sex Dell version 2.0 created by various hardware and software Harmony This real-time price is $ 15,000. The first phase will create thousands of dollars.

However, until Harmony was created, McMullen was the only creator of sex. But the ability to talk to Harmony gives McMullen a step further. McMullen has been working to create a better version of Harmony. This second version will shake the whole body of the model, there will be internal sensors. With which the robot can be excited to organise the orgasms.