Russia blocked China’s wechat

Russia blocked China’s wechat

An earlier report by South China Morning Post suggests Russia blocked China’s wechat. China’s popular social app designed and developed by Tencent Holdings, which has blocked in Russia by the Russia’s telecoms watchdog – the South China Morning Post has reported on Saturday; mentioning the information has been posted on watchdog’s website.

Russia blocked China’s wechatRussian Roskomnadzor has published the blocking information in their website on Friday, the newspaper has reported that the app developer has been informed of the move.

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In a comment, Tencent said, it was on a case checking wechat status in Russia and talked with the watchdog authorities.

According to the Roskomndazor, the access to the app was restricted on the article 15.4 of their information security and technology law.

Similarly, popular social media such as Twitter and Facebook also blocked in China, while the Chinese president always been a vocal on cyber sovereignty.