Russia is not worried: Russian Defense Minister

Russia is not worried Russian Defense Minister

Brussels should start working with Moscow without fear, The European Union (EU) and Russia will work together to create effective anti-terrorism strategies. There is no reason to be afraid of Russia.

Russia is not worried: Russian Defense Minister.

Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Wednesday that the two-day Moscow International Security Conference, which began in Moscow’s Radisson Royal Hotel in Converse Park on Wednesday.

Russia is not worried Russian Defense MinisterThe Russian Defense Minister said that Russia is engaged in spreading Russian phobia to modern Europe in connection with cold relations with Russia. The unimaginable idea of the EU is that Russia is a threat to the security of Europe.

Sergei Shoigu mentions Russia’s interest in maintaining peace and stability in the European territories. Russia is ready to respond to a new proposal to strengthen the national security of the two parties, he said.

Sergei said, “We must identify all the problems that have become the main obstacle in the path of peace and development.”

Russian Defense Minister also expressed hope of Russia-EU relations. He said, “The European Union’s view of Russia has changed somewhat. Apart from starting a dialogue with Moscow, there is no alternative way to improve relations. We hear this statement today at various EU level meetings.

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Referring to militancy as a global crisis in the modern world, Shoigu further said that one of the main tasks of the Russian defence ministry is to eliminate militant groups. The real example of this is Russia’s ongoing military campaign against Islamic State (IS) and Jabhat An Nusra (Nusra Front) militant against Syria.

Although the US military cooperation with Russia as a positive side in Syria, the cold relations between Russia and the NATO alliance have continued, said Sergei Shoigu. Regarding Russia-NATO relations, he said that Russia is not responsible for the deterioration of relations with NATO. Horror data war against Russia is being run. NATO is creating dangerous strategic designs by creating a military diversion in Russia’s bordering countries.

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s National Security Council Secretary Nicolai Patrice and Russian intelligence director (FSB) Alexander Bortnikov also spoke in the opening episode.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense has organised a security conference in Moscow since 2012 for the exchange of international security, policymakers and experts. This year 708 delegates from 83 countries of the world have come to Moscow to attend the conference. Among them are foreign ministers of different countries, Defense Minister, Former State Head, UN, Shanghai Cooperation Agency, Commonwealth Independent Country and CSTO Alliance representatives. Major General (retd) Amacha Amin took part in Bangladesh for the conference.

The last day of the conference is to discuss militancy and important issues such as the struggle against extremist Islamic groups in the Middle East, security in the information flow, security with rocket defence and ensuring security in Central Asia.