Sierra Leone rejects Diamond offer

Sierra Leone rejects Diamond offer

A long-waited auction for a piece of the biggest diamonds was fizzled on Thursday when the official of Sierra Leone rejects Diamond offer a huge £6.05 million bid for an uneven and size of an egg, saying that it didn’t meet the stone’s actual valuation.

Sierra Leone rejects Diamond offer

The Gem believed to be 709-carat, is be largest diamond stone that ever discovered in the western African country and it was drew from earth in March in the Kono region by a pastor who asked Sierra Leone government to handle the sale.

In total, five bids were submitted in a sealed envelope, various offer were received in which the highest bidder was £6.05 million.

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The highest bid placed by a man who wore white shirt with light trousers for Belgium based drug dealer Ray Diam BVBA.

The auctioneers, Sahr Wonday, said we didn’t sell this large diamond as it didn’t meet the government reserve price.

The government is now hoping to get more value from the international auction such as Tel Aviv in Israel or Antwerp, Belgium Wonday say without much details.

In Sierra Leaone, the diamonds trade and collection fuelled a long civil war that ended in 2002 after 50,000 lives, rebels of the country pushed the civilian to the east side of the country so that they can control mine and able to buy army with doing so.