Social media companies struggle to tackle illegal posting


Parliamentary reports say the giants of Social media companies struggle to tackle illegal posting. They are far from preventing illegal content posting or spreading which is very shameful according to BBC news.

Social media companies struggle to tackle illegal posting
Image: Wikipedia

As per home affairs select committee reports, they took so long to remove child sexual images, terrorist videos and hate speech related content.

The committee recommended the government leader should consider making the social media websites pay to police posting.

BBC reports also suggests, a former Facebook executive told the BBC news report, “bashes companies” however, that poses very few real solutions.

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Evidence from Google, Twitter and Facebook were taken by the cross-party’s committee including Youtube, internet giant Google of which parent company.

They also said they have taken appropriate steps to tackle the extremism and abuse online but they are nowhere near preventing the illegal content.

The committee reports, social media companies are significantly failing to remove illegal posting when they have been asked to do so. It also said, the large social media firms are large and rich enough to tackle the issue but it is very “shameful” that they failed.

Read more on this at the BBC news.