Statement from the Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable, Ian Hopkins


We are confident that we have now spoken to the immediate family of all those who sadly died in the attack and they are being supported by specially trained family liaison officers. I am also aware of speculation on social media and the wider media around the occupation of one of the victims.

Statement from the Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable, Ian Hopkins
Image: Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable, Ian Hopkins

Sadly, I can confirm that one of the victims is a serving police officer, but respecting their family’s which is I will make no further comment at this stage.

Due to the number of victims, the Home Office post-mortems are likely to take four or five days. Then we will be able to formally name of the victims. I would like to confirm that we have spoken to all of the families of those that in our hospitals and we are doing all we can to support all of them, too.

You will be aware that the level of activity in this investigation is intense and is continuing at a fast pace. We have three further arrests in connection with the attacks, overnight and this afternoon, we entered an address in Manchester City centre using a controlled explosion.


London to Manchester Virgin Train

Officers are currently at the scene searching that address, but in order to execute that entry we did have to close a mainline railway line for a short period of time, but this now has reopened as we continued the researchers.

That brings the total number of people in custody to four people.

People across the Greater Manchester will have seen a significant increase in the number of armed officers on mobile patrol and at static points across the city.

We have been supported by forces from across the north-east, north-west and beyond and this forms part of our well tried and tested plans for any major terrorist attack.

Obviously, with the announcement from the Prime Minister last night of the increase in the threat level to critical, you will be aware that the military are supporting policing across the country under the codename Operation Temperer. This is about the military being used to guard iconic sites and other sites outside of London and across parts of the north. This frees up armed police officers to then give the police service capacity to deploy them to places like Manchester as part of our plans for keeping the country safe. What I would confirm, is that there are no military personnel patrolling the streets of Greater Manchester nor are there any part of the country.