Tips to sell online and make some serious cash


My four top tips are selling things online:

Look after your things
Image: Used but looking new item for sell
  1. Look after your things- because when you come to sell them better condition they’re in the more money I make.
Honesty is the best policy
Image: Describe your item as it is, do not lie or use made up words.
  1. Honesty is the best policy if you’ve got a scratch on your item make sure you tell them. It’s got scratch. Honest description catch people’s eye more.
Sell at the right time of the year
Image: Summer clothing
  1. Save up your items to sell them at the right time of the year. Summer flows are always going to sell better, just before the summer begins is the right time to List your products online.
Sell at the right time of the year
Image: Answer to questions from buyer and dispatch item faster once sold
  1. Answer questions as quickly as possible and once your item sold for more ideas contact for a free details guide on how to sell online and make cash.