Tom Hardy caught a thief

How Hollywood actor Tom Hardy caught a thief.

How Hollywood actor Tom Hardy caught a thief?

Sunday afternoon. Hollywood actress Tom Hardy walks on a street in Richmond area of north-west London. Suddenly, the eyes of Tom are stuck on one side. He saw two young men stealing a motorbike and fleeing. At that time the bike hit a car with a car. Tom was outraged by anger, seeing that two thieves wanted to run in a boat.

How Hollywood actor Tom Hardy caught a thief.The thieves caught the horse racing. Whereas, thieves and ran away! Tom caught hold of a man.

In order to visualise such a scene, the director was supposed to say ‘Kat’ right now. But the director is absent here. Because it was not a movie shot. Absolutely real Police said one arrested in London for theft of motorbike. Tom Hardy helped him catch The accused boy is 16 years old. In a media interview, a witness described this incident. Of course, Tom is reluctant to open his mouth. Tom Hardy’s last seen in The Revolutionary film.