News Headlines 02/08/2017

Neymar to PSG: how money and Messi led to the sale of the… ‑ theguardian.com

Bank of England
Bank of England: Brexit uncertainty is hitting pay rises -… ‑ theguardian.com

NASA to hire ‘planetary protection officer’: a guard against aliens ‑ reviewjournal.com

Stephen Miller and Jim Acosta
White House aide: Statue of liberty poem not the test for immigration… ‑ thehill.com

Australia’s Commonwealth Bank accused of massive… ‑ reuters.com

British Airways
BREAKING NEWS: BA cabin staff will strike for TWO MORE… ‑ dailymail.co.uk

Donald Trump
Trump backs plan that would curb legal immigration ‑ cnn.com

James Munby
Judge warns of ‘blood on our hands’ if suicidal girl is forced… ‑ theguardian.com

Highways England
‘Pollution tunnels’ being planned for UK motorways ‑ uk.news.yahoo.com

Ken Livingstone
Ken Livingstone: Venezuela crisis caused by Chávez’s failure to… ‑ theguardian.com