Trump fired FBI Head James Comey

Trump fired FBI Head James Comey

United States presided Donald Trump fired FBI head James Comey on Tuesday, which ignited a controversial political storm. Mr Comey had been investigating into the 2016 US election campaign’s that may have possible collusion with the Russian Federation influence on the presidential outcome.

Trump fired FBI Head James Comey

The Republican US president Trump said he had to fire Comey, one of the top States law official, over his handling and engagement of email scandal investigation during the election campaign that involves then Democratic presidential candidate Mrs Hillary Clinton.

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The move to fire Mr Comey stunned the Washington DC, that sparked suspicions within the Democratic party and others, thinking that the White house was involved in trying blunting the probe came from FBI investigation involving Russian influence.

White House denied that allegations of any political motive within the Trump decision who came to the power on the Jan 20.